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TTL Photography: SONY Alpha Ambassadors- Africa/Middle East.

Updated: Jun 19, 2019

Fathima & Seraz

TTL Photography is a husband and wife, destination wedding photography team from Durban, South Africa. They have been documenting weddings since 2011

"Our style of photography is a blend of high fashion photography and photo journalism. Weddings have always been a glamorous affair. We have implemented fashion photography into our weddings to compliment this glam. We believe that every bride should feel like they belong on a cover of a fashion magazine. It is not as easy as it sounds, as we work with real brides and not super models. The years of photographing weddings have taught us that it is our responsibility as photographers to make the experience unforgettable. We truly believe that as photographers, making the couple comfortable in front of the camera & winning their trust is the best method to achieve great results. Our goal is bold and simple, documenting & narrating your wedding story through captivating images that transcend wedding photography."

Seraz started photography in 2003 when he held his first camera, the Minolta Maxxum 5. His passion for technology was one of the major factors in him choosing the Maxxum 5 and is still one of the main reasons he loves the Sony mirrorless system. Seraz’s photo-journalistic style of photography is inspired by his introverted nature, that helps him to translate a candid moment into a memory. Being a well read individual, he is the main influence behind Fathima's knowledge of photography.

Fathima, being a self taught photographer, began her profession in 2011 and discovered a niche in a conservative market, that was famous for high end weddings. She used her enthusiastic nature, with her knowledge from her Marketing degree to become the leading Female Muslim Photographer in the market. Since 2014, Fathima's creative eye was trained by attending photography workshops, watching Creative live videos and studying fashion magazines. She maintains that she still considers herself an amateur photographer as the art of photography is always evolving. Part of her success is her dependance on her camera system. "The Sony mirrorless system has not only helped me to produce the images I want but it has helped me with the confidence I need, to pursue more in the art."

"We have been using the Sony camera system since the 2011, where we started with the Sony a700. Our decision, early on in our career, to use Sony as our go to brand for photography even at a time when Sony was not a popular brand to use, has been one of the best decisions we have ever made. We are able to concentrate on image creation and not worry about whether the camera can deliver the quality we require. Our workflow has also been optimized efficiently as we are able to get almost all of our photos as close as possible to being correct in camera. Because of all the aforementioned factors, we have become one of Durban's most sought after wedding photography team."

"We firmly believe that no other camera brand offers the level of image quality and innovation that the Sony mirrorless system does and we are excited and look forward to a long partnership with Sony in the years ahead." - Seraz & Fathima

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